Sorry to not have posted anything of note in so long. Things have been rough lately in everything you name it: work, school, applications, getting ready for cons, relationship stuff.
Will try to do more, but right now I’d just  self-angst-art to soothe my inner teenager, not really something I want on the web ^^;




Okay shellheads: If you want to draw, write fics or make crazy awesome head-canons you must to see these:

1- A happy turtle simple graphic

2- All the fucking parts of the plastron and carapace.

3- Human bones comparison whit our reptilian friends.

4-5- How they get into their shells. Some are more exposed and others are completely locked.

6- Approximation graphic… I tried.

But wait so where’s his dick

Oops! I forgot. Is called cloaca :

Op, you are an angel.

I tried using twitter and within a day they’ve suspended me for unknown reasons.
Srsly the only things I’ve done so far is make one tweet of my own, follow some people, and respond to my gf’s tweet
I am so confused and put off.



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Honestly one of my pet peeves is when people draw turtle junk coming out of their shells. The whole point of a shell it to be protection, whiiiich it would not be good armor if there was a piece of it that just opened up like that.
Shells do not work that way.



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, “The Good, The Bad, The Casey Jones”——————————-

*cheers loudly*

*sobbing for it is finally time*
*My ultimate brotp is here*

Here have a really creepy-looking unfinished Leo.Srsly he’s the turtle I have the most trouble drawing and its annoying me

Here have a really creepy-looking unfinished Leo.
Srsly he’s the turtle I have the most trouble drawing and its annoying me


Well i sure had a sudden income of followers the past few days! Thanks to all of you, old and new. I’m visiting my gf right now and won’t be home until the 5th, so merry new year to all of you and i’ll post more art next week!